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Great safe stand alone internet play for children. This site is a downloadable interface that allow children and parents play games on the internet within the Kidzui community.

Children can also send email but they can not receive email.
This place is FUN and FREE!
Children's  Fun  Links
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Phonics Worksheets
Children's  Educational  Links
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Mathematics Models I
Visual Math help.
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Bible Word Search
Free bible word search
Bible Crossword Puzzles
Free bible cross word puzzles you can print.
Kidzone Fun Facts for Kids
The 3 R's are here.
Lots of educational printable pages up to grade 5.

This site is great for homeschool parents and parents who just want to give extra lessons to non-homeschooled children.
Biblical Coloring Pages
Free Printable coloring pages featuring bibical themes.
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XYLOFun Online
Mini Online Music Composing Fun!
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ABC Teach
This site contains all the main subjects plus extras such as: Homeschoolers & Parents,
Teaching Extras, Book Report Forms, Flash Cards, Clip Art, Fun Activities ect....

Soft Schools
A Must See! Must Try Interactive Educational Website!
Worksheet Generator from Pre-K to Middle School. This site allows teachers/parents to generate type and ability appropriate worksheets for their students! This site contains  interactive online quizzes.   It also has interactive learning fun for your students!
RHL School - Free Learning Resources
Free ready to use quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review. Worksheets that are truly unique!
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Children Video  Links
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Sister Shante' Mitchell with her Sunday School Class showing what they learned.

The Super Kidz Camp Choir sings 'Superhero'.
This is the next to the last of my five children being baptized. Matthew came out of the water and talked in tongues....  All five of my kids have the Holy Ghost and are baptized in Jesus Name.

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Sunday School Girl
Tips On Godly Dress
To strive to please the Lord. That is the ultimate goal of the Apostolic lady. Those in Pentecost know there is nothing more attractive than a precious saint whose love for Jesus shines upon her face and is shown to the world in a kind character!
Teen  Links
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Nail Care
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING ruins an attractive outfit like un-kept fingernails!
For the Apostolic lady well maintained fingernails are a MUST!

Skin Care  ~  That Holy Ghost Glow
Many of us have friends or family in the world who tell us we have to wear make-up! Not so! For some of us who didn't grow up in Pentecost, we are convinced we must slather on the paint to look "presentable".

Hair Care ~ Your Hair is Your Glory
With careful maintenance you can grow your hair to it's terminal length with little or no splitting on the ends. It takes time and in some cases, PRAYER! But it can be done!
~~~ Supplements Necessary For Healthy Long Hair ~ Click  Here. ~~~

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What 2 Wear  ~  Apostolic Girl
modest is the hottest!
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Bethel's Children's Forum
A place where our children can interreact with one another online.
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A place where our Teens can interreact with one another online.
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