Elder James Smith, Sr. was instructed by the Holy Ghost to do the work of the Lord as a        Pastor. Elder Smith, willing to obey, prayed and sought the Lord for guidance in looking for a place to worship. Knowing that he had no money to pay rent even if he found one Elder Smith held to his faith in God. With support from his two nephews Brother Anthony Hill and Brother Gregory
Hill they found a small store front at 1901 Vine Street. The Lord put it on Brother Gregory Hill's heart to pay the first month's rent on the building, enabling them to begin church services. On April 18, 1990 the doors opened for the first time, service began and Bethel #2 Apostolic Pentecostal Church was born.

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former bowling alley was renovated into a sanctuary. Again the work and money came by faith and not by sight. The Lord laid it on Brother James Ross to instruct, advise and plan the construction of the sanctuary. From 1981 to 1995, Denham Street was Bethel's home. The Lord put it in the mind of Elder Smith that it was time to expand Bethel's facility once more. Elder Smith was in the process of searching for a new place when the Lord called away his faithful servant.

Bishop James Smith Sr. was laid to rest August 24, 1994. Deacon Anthony Hill was chosen as the new Pastor of Bethel #2 Apostolic Pentecostal Church after the death of Bishop James Smith, Sr. By faith the Lord sent us to a new building under the leadership of Pastor Anthony Hill. On July 11, 1995 Bethel #2 Apostolic Pentecostal Church moved to its new location at 2319 Quebec Road Cincinnati, Ohio where souls are still being won for Christ.