In the month of May, 1978, Elder Smith tarried with Anthony Hill and he received the gift of the Holy Ghost.. Then he became a brother in the Lord at Christ Temple Church under the leadership of Elder Donald Sorrells. Shortly thereafter in 1980, he married his lovely wife and companion in Christ, Sister Yolanda Hill; she has been a constant source of support and encouragement. The Lord blessed and added to this union a baby boy named Anthony Hill, Jr. On March 2, 1996.

   Shortly thereafter when Bethel #2 Apostolic Pentecostal Church and was made a Sunday School teacher and was working under the ordinance of  Elder Smith. Always giving God the honor and the praise, the Lord led us to 1793 Denham Street.

   Elder Smith was led by the Lord to make Brother Hill a Deacon in the Church in the year of 1985. Deacon Hill was the first to be made Deacon at Bethel #2 Church. Deacon Hill loved the Lord from the depths of his heart. Elder Smith still being led by God, saw there was a need to make Deacon Hill "second in Command" - Your gift in GOD will make room for  you.

Elder Hill became Pastor of Bethel #2 Church after the late great Bishop James Smith, Sr. Was called home to be with the Lord on August 23, 1994. Through divine guidance  under the leadership of Pastor Anthony Hill, additions were made. Three new Elders were ordained in the ministry: Kirk Peoples, Kevin Hendley and Vivian Laudat; one Evangelist, Gregory Eberhart; three Deacons, Scott Barber, Harrison Parker and Clinton Dobson, Jr.; and one minister, Barbara Torrey.

   Other events that have occured are the reorganization of the Adult Choir, development of a Youth Choir and Youth Group, Encouraging Callers Committee, Usher and Deacon Board, the establishment of an Annual Women's Day, Girl's Sessions and Men's Day Classes, the Young Men Enrichment Group, Fundraising Committee, Shepherd Keepers and Kitchen Crew.

   In the year 2001, July 1st, Deacon Harrison Parker was ordained as an Elder by Bishop Anthony Hill to start a work of the Lord. Evangelist Gregory Eberhart was sent with Elder Harrison to assist him in that work.
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Dr. Bishop Anthony Hill Sr., Pastor
Lady Yolanda Hill,
First Lady
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also." St. Matthew 6:20-21
   It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to be in the body of Christ. I thank the Lord for his goodness and his mercies unto me. And he is the head of my life.

   I, Lady Yolanda thank him because he is everything to me. The Lord has been a good God to me, and for that I praise him and I lift his name on high.The Lord gives me his strength to stand, so I stand on the word of God doing his will.

   I have been a pastor's wife for the past 14 years at Bethel #2 Apostolic Pentecostal Church, and it is a privilege. I have gone through many trials and tribulations being a member at Bethel # 2 Church. My God sits on his thrown and he knows everything and he sees everything. He knows our down sittings and our uprisings. This is why I lean on God through faith, for faith will see you through.

   I encourage Bethel #2 Church to hold on. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, God will see you through for he knows how much you can bear. Bethel #2 saints, hold on to Goad's unchanging hands. Look to God , who is the author and finisher of our faith. To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done. In the book of Psalms 31:1, it says, "in thee. O Lord. Do I put my trust" - never waiver in the Lord. Trust in him whole heartedly. Stand on a firm foundation. Love the Lord God with all your heart and mind and soul. Know he has already done it for you. He has given you your heart's desire. I found no fault in my God. Stand Still and the Lord's good works, which shall be given to you.

Blessings are on the way.
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